About Us


Shlomi Yehuda is a director of Quality Engineering at Visa Inc. His career in testing began in Ra’anana, Israel pre-Y2K at the telecom billing giant Amdocs, then called Aurek. His testing career achievements included developing and supporting testing tools, shaping corporate testing methodologies, QA trainer, and managing QA teams across the globe. Shlomi speaks English and Hebrew but enjoys learning new words and accents in many other languages. He is a Los Angeles native and currently resides in Seattle, Washington.


Joel Montvelisky has been testing since 1998 and so far he seems to be enjoying it. He’s been a tester, test manager, QA Manager and Consultant in a number of companies ranging from small Internet Startups and all the way to NASDAQ listed Enterprises both in the Silicon Valley as well as in Israel, where he currently resides. Joel is the main contributor to the QA Intelligence blog he likes to talk at conferences, and participate in all sort of testing and QA related initiatives. Today Joel is the Principal Solution Architect at PractiTest where he concentrates on working with the users of their QA Management solution to improve their process and maximize the value they gain from it.


Libby Kyte started her career at the age of 8 as a play tester for the video game Knights of Legend. (Regardless of what her brother may tell you, it was her idea for the Kelvans to be able to fly.) After earning her BA in English and a side trip in the restaurant industry, she rejoined the testing world in 2003 and never looked back. She’s tested just about everything including nation-wide reporting, inspection software for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement, data integration on multiple platforms, information tracking for crop insurance agents, lease application software for heavy equipment, and data security. She resides in a little pink house in Iowa with her amazing husband, two beautiful children and crazy dogs. When not testing she can be found hanging out with her family, knitting, reading, bartending or trying something new.


Desmond Wright started out as a C++ engineer in 1996 for an early ecommerce company called Cybercash before moving to Java with Digicash in Palo Alto, CA and Valicert (internet security). He then pursued a Sr. Engineer position in Intuit’s WebFinance division in 1999, and within 2 years realized he had a passion for automation and everything that needed to be tested! Over 9 years at Intuit, he evolved into a QA lead and became an active participant in test groups and forums. He later joined VISA/Cybersource in 2008. He believes strongly in a test first mindset and is now a Director of Quality in the Merchants Division, leading efforts around test patterns across the organization.


Mike Sparks swore he wouldn’t follow in his father’s footsteps and become an engineer, but the problem solving bug bit him early on in life and it didn’t let go. He’s been plying his trade in the QA field since the late 2000’s, specifically with an eye towards automated testing. When he isn’t “working” he also enjoys writing, coaching and playing soccer, and spending time with his wife and kids. He and his team recently designed an innovative new web-based automated testing tool called Tellurium that’s an end-to-end agile solution for creating, managing, and running automated tests. You’ll find some of his other written works, including “The Adventures of Captain QA”, in TestingExperience magazine.